Saturday, November 11, 2006

Dolls in progress

I am making two new dolls at the moment.

The crochet red hair guy.
He will get crochet sculptured face,
I make it’s face by extra crochet sheets that I sew to his head.
I crochet them that they will fit in size and form to the place it should be sewn in but make it a bit wider.
Then when I sew it I fold the extra inside between the head and the new sheet in order to get the sculptured look.
for the nose I use a folded sheet.
Sometimes I have to keep on crocheting on the extra sheets to emphasize some facial features.

My crochet dolls are always created by free form crochet.
For the cloth doll I need patterns, most of my patterns were developed by free modeling fabric on a foam models or crochet doll.
I created this pattern from a sketch.
I know how she is going to look like and had only to draw it’s proportions.
(like my cloth dolls but smaller).
This is the first time that I use acrylic colors to paint the face and body.
I am going to use the paint as a base to embroidery.
I will post continue soon...........


ruby-crowned kinglette said...

it is looking good. did you use wires and ball joints? i am looking forward to checking back in to see the progress

Netamir said...

Hi stephanie,
I didn't use any wire or balls.
I just draw it but there isn't enough space inside the body to put them.
Maby at the next doll I will add joints but I am think to sculpture them with foam.
Since she is small I think it could work.
Anyway I would be glad to see you again.

Feral Housewife X said...

I have just discovered your blog... how awesome! I really love your originality and flair.

Hook On!

tijerasycuchara said...

I like your works, they are beautiful. I congratulate them
good weekend