Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Here he is the crochet redhead guy.
You can see how he was at the beginning-Here.
I always obsessed with the garments and accessories of my dolls.
Sometimes I make them before the face his completed.
Most of the time I have some unfocused image of the doll I want to create.
It's include some of the colors, materials and something about the type of personality,
not definitely clear.
When I styling them during the crochet work I began to learn what kind of person each doll is going to look like.
That's help me to create the face mainly the eyes which make the doll expression and character more clear.
It’s seems to me that each of my crochet doll got unique body language of his own.
I can notice that only when I look at the photos.
I don't know someone who looks exactly like this one but I can think about few that there is someone from them at this crochet guy.

The painted cloth doll is coming soon.

*The redhead guy is available at my etsy store which finally online again.


Anonymous said...

You must be getting bored by my superlatives, but...


Netamir said...

I would never bored by superlatives.
Thanks and kisses.

Anonymous said...

That is really cool! Impressive! I likes. I never thought I would be impressed by a doll. ;)

Netamir said...

Thank you so much, Carly and Mark