Friday, November 10, 2006

Crochet creatures friends

I made new members at the family of crochet creature. I made few last year, and I had only the big one left with me. They all have some wintery mood and since it's was began to rain this week I feel that the biggest creature is miss some creatury company.

First I made the Lady cat. It began with two tiny white crochet sheets that were left useless at my desk. I sew them together and then I got something that look like amorphous cat head and neck, so I continued with the crochet needle to make body and legs. Since it was cold morning I didn't want to left her naked, besides that she was too white and I didn't could get dirty if she would go to play outside, so I crocheted a jacket too.

when the jacket was done it was clear that fancy cat like her need some fancy string.

And some little friend.

So they could play together inside.

*(I listed the new creatures at ebay auctiouns this time)


Anonymous said...

Love these. Any chance that something similar will go to Etsy?

Netamir said...

Hi dale smith,
Thanks for your love,
here is my etsy store-
There are few creatures at my etsy store and there will be more creatures like these ones as soon as it would be rainy and cold again LOL at etsy.
You can send me your mail (to and I would be glad to iform you when I will list new creatures at etsy
At the moment the prices at ebay are much more cheaper since it's my first attempt to
work with them.