Monday, October 16, 2006

More slippers

I sent this morning new slippers that I was sewing at the last few days.
I like to see all of them together as if I have a small slippers factory at home.
When I first made that kind of dolls shoes is one of the most difficult and boring parts of the making.
At the end I love to see the little feet at my shoes and love the compliments too, so I keep on with that bloody shoes.
Making the scaled up slippers is even more unbearable , I found my self damning each moment.
It much more complicate because it should be wearable and therefore very precise sewed.
I was very glad to finished those ones, I hope that the next ones will be easer after all I am a bit more skilled now.
If you want try my nervous you can order them
And here is all the history of making them:




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