Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Spare Parts

Sometimes I feel that the work of creating my dolls is a constant process of stitching and unpicking.
This boy was almost done yesterday evening, till I woke up this morning, and find out that I don't like the way he looked like at all.
First I unpicked his mouth,
Then I looked on the stupid ears I stitch only yesterday they looked awful; they weren’t "his" it was obvious, so I cut them out immediately.
I can't point where the problem was exactly, it was something I felt and knew.

The mouth and ears are going to be stored in my special box for dolls spare parts.
Maybe one day they would fit another doll.


abbyglassenberg said...

I have a box of bird spare parts! Lots of wings and beaks in there.

Dee / Cloth Company said...

i have boxes of doll parts, too -- good to revise. so often, i stick with something i don't like, investing more and more time, and it just isn't worth it!

Anonymous said...

uh huh,

I feel your pain,
thanks for sharing the operation..

Netamir said...

Thank you all for your comments. Yes it's true sometimes it would be better unpick and start from scratch than investing time in something you didn't like from first place.
Sometimes it is a relief, not always pain..