Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sock dolls workshop and me in the Hand/Eye Magazine

Recently I have been busy with workshops I have conducted.
This Friday marked the second meeting of the sock doll workshop I conduct at my home studio.
During the last 18 months, I have been conducting this workshop once a month or once every two months; I already conducted so many of them, that I can’t even keep count…
Most of the time, those workshops group together women from various backgrounds and age groups. Not always – but most of the time – a very unique and interesting atmosphere is created while sewing the dolls.
Besides the many details being stitched to the dolls, there are so many details being conveyed via the conversations and chats around the table.
I don’t usually get to take photos, since most of the time I am too busy with instructing or chatting, and time just flies by. This time, I didn't so I can offer you a quick glance.
This pink creature was created by Smadar (gifted craft artist and owner of in-house after school program)
This is a boy, don't mistake to think it is a girl, Zufit (Polymer clay artist) who created him insisted it is a male thought the feminine lips he got.
Purple lady with one missing shoe, created by Yardena.
And this is the lovely creature made by noa brumberg, a fourth-year Visual Communications student, who is also the developer of theCraftomania-etsy toolbar.
It seems like there is a joke he is trying to tell us.

Now something else:
Last week I was featured in the HAND/EYE magazine.
I had not heard about the magazine before I was e-mailed and asked to answer a few questions. I was curious to find out about this magazine, so I looked it up.
Well, I discovered that it is a fascinating magazine that covers cultural, art and craft subjects, including interesting articles that feature fiber- and doll-art and artists.
Highly recommended!


Craftomania Tools said...

I had so much fun making my doll! and the company was creature sits near my bed now!
Congrats on the article on the magazine!

Netamir said...

Thank you so much! It was my pleasure, and was so glad to meet you.

Anonymous said...


I have reccommended you to a very good frind who is travelling over to Isreal.

Her name is Einav and she filmed a documentary about my knitting. She is interested in women and fibre arts and is lots of fun to hang out with.

I've sent her your blog and flickr details, so maybe you might see her around Tel Aviv??



Unknown said...

I had a wonderfull time at your work shop. the dolls you make are so unique I am happy I got to learn some of your methods of doing them. The company was so pleasant and interesting ! you deffinetly deserve to be the spot in many articles!

Netamir said...

Thank you so much Yardena, glad to hear from you, and glad to know you liked my workshop.