Sunday, September 21, 2008

Let's cloth it

I decided to begin a new design project for my etsy store - "Lets cloth it".
The purpose of it is to transform every day items made from different materials into textile ones, or everyday items we know as made by one kind of textile into another one.
The purposes is not only the transformation itself, but also looking for new meanings and utilities for each item.
The first Item is my cloth cups-
these cups are replications of the porcelain cups I inherited from my grandmother, who was my first needle craft teacher.
I already made some replication of them as part of my installation at the huismethethandje last May. In this project I want to create more functional design pieces.
I wouldn't recommend them for having your tea, but for putting some order on your desktop, organizing your crochet needles, brushes, buttons, pencils, pens etc.. they will be much more useful, but of course I would be glad to hear more ideas for other utilities.

These cups are now listed at my etsy store check them out here, or at my Dawanda store here.


Anonymous said...

My cup of tea...............
Just looking at them makes me happy.

Feral Housewife X said...

these are so cute and cheeful looking...

love them!

Netamir said...

Thank you so much Martine and fiber deviant:)