Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crocheting new doll

I had so many shoes, slippers and handbags to sew since I am back from Belgium, that I thought I am becoming a shoe by my self or maybe a slipper, not handbag, I have less orders of them LOL.
Ok, but now finally I have some free time to crochet this doll, I am so glad, I missed it so much.


ZenCrafter said...

Your blog and your work are so inspiring!

I have given you a Brillante Weblog award. Check out my blog for the details: http://zencrafting.blogspot.com.

Mayra René said...

I have seen your blog and woow it is amazing

Your designs are incredible .

I invite you visit my blog www.mayrarene.blogspot.com Also I design and do dolls

I am a friend of francis doll.

regards. Mayra

Anonymous said...

Wew, carefull Neta, this one looks as if wants to walk to Belgium. If she does i catch her, she's allready very interesting.

Crystal Card said...

your dolls are stunning.. I'm a fan. I love the rest of your work too.