Friday, August 01, 2008


While I am already back home, my doll who is now became part of my art work -"Buba", is yet in Belgium.
She is sitting there, covered by blanket, on a shelf of a dressing room, in front of her at the other side of the cell there is a photo portrait of her, and some of her garments hanged on the hooks.
The word "Buba" mean - a doll and a puppet in Hebrew, there is only one word to describe both of them.
This word is also being used for describing something small and cute, human or objects. Well behavior, well functioning, disciplined and good looking are some of it's associations too.
It is a common nickname for little girls, but with the same meaning it is also a nickname for grown up women as compliment or teasing.
"Buba" was part of a group exhibition-"Suddenly Last Summer" taking place in an old children medical center which is going to be demolished at the end of this summer, it was organised by the Belgian art organisation-"art 27".


Anonymous said...

I like this, Neta.
We will take care of Buba.
She is in good hands.
Today a visitor was really impressed by your works.
So are we.

Netamir said...

Hi Gerlinde,
Thank you very much for your visit here, so nice to meet you in real and in virtual life

Anonymous said...

wow! buba is wonderful and her portrait also, the whole setting, everything :-)
Love your work very much!

H.D. Campbell said...

i love this!

Netamir said...

Thank you so much Goggy and H.D.:)

Sandra Monat said...

wow impressing to see her portrait at that size!

Netamir said...