Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dolls magnets

Using the transfer printing I made yesterday few new magnets. It is a great fun to explore all the old folders containing the photos of all the dolls I made at the past three years and pick my favorites.
It makes me miss some and the process of creating them. I will have to make new ones soon. Digging these folders gave me new ideas, and meanwhile I glad to have those magnets close to my desk, each of them carry some memories, and inspires me keeping on creating my new stuff in days I wish only staying in bed.
They are available at my etsy and dawanda stores.


Anonymous said...

Your magnets are very nice. I have been wanting to do some transferprinting myself but am not very good at it.

Netamir said...

It is very simple technique, there is nothing you should know which is more then ironing.