Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cloth dolls workshop

I was teaching three days cloth dolls workshop for 10-12 years old six cute girls, the cutest, most silent girls, and creative girls I have ever taught. It could be so exhausting and frustrating, teaching kids this age, but it was completely different with these ones.
Today was the last day and I am so glad and proud to show you the results.

It is bit weird but most of them never stitched any thing by hands before, so I wanted to let them practice the blanket stitch, while creating something of their own.
These funny heads made by the toe parts of used socks were perfect beginning. After three hours they came up with well done and full of characters theses mini dolls.

Most of the second day was dedicate for sketching, I asked them to use collage techniques, to create their own innovative unique designs.

I wished to see many colorful characters made by creative use of different colorful papers, fabric scraps, crayons, marker pens, old journal, which I spread out all over the studio, but most of them preferred to use only pencil and rubber.

Then I instructed them how to prepare the pattern according to each design.
We used discarded clothes instead of new fabrics.

Today they stitch all over the day, and Walla here are the results:

So cute, don't you think?


saloia said...

I think they are little gems :)

Netamir said...

Thanks you Mary, this is such a beautiful compliment:)

Anonymous said...

It must be great fun to teach childern this stuf.

JuanitaTortilla said...

Wow. You have definitely brought out the hidden talents within these children!
Their dolls look FANTASTIC!

Netamir said...

Thanks Martine and Juanitatortilla,
it is fun teaching children dolls making, it could be bit difficult sometimes, mainly with the technical things.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU you so much for your very inspirational posts on workshops for children!

I also teach a craft class (3 times a week) for children of this age - and I really want to make them do stiching by hand. The results get so much more interesting and individual than maschine stitching. And I think also more essential for experiencing and understanding the concept of stiching...

Netamir said...

Thank you ihanne, I think it is easier to begin with teaching kids to stitch by hand firstly, there are less rules to follow which leave more time to creativity.

Anonymous said...
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