Monday, December 10, 2007

Fat creature

Here is the second creature, his story began with my nephew 1st birthday,
I stitched socks dog for him, it was done late at night, and I was quite slippy.
I always feel not satisfied by my work at such hours, so I thought maybe the dog should wear a jacket, I was so slippy and a bit cold so it made sense that the socks dog really need a jacket, more then I need sleeping.
I crocheted a jacket, but it didn't fit well, and I fell a sleep, it was really late. At the next day Eithan, my nephew, was quite satisfied with the dog, even more was his 4 years old sister Shay, she immediately adopted it and declared that the dog prefer to sleep with her, they both doesn't seem to care much about any missing jacket.
The unfitted jacket was left on my desk for a while, I played with it and stitched it till it became this creature's body.
I added a crochet head, crochet bottom, socks features, and painted his face.
And here he is.

Now listed at my etsy store.

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