Sunday, December 09, 2007

New creature.

The creatures I told about at the last post are getting life.
Well Thursday was not enough, I spent some hours during the weekend and all of today finishing them. I have already two of them done, this one is the first, and I have to go shoot the other one.
So just a short description about making him:

I found some forgotten piece of crochet at the bottom of my basket, and transformed it to crochet roll, it immediately became a creature body.
By old socks I added a bottom, head and legs. I put socks shoes to his feet, and sew socks bands as his hair. His shirt was crocheted in three different colors as if it was some kind of a fashionable shirts.
It became cold outside so I crocheted a jacket and scarf for him, by other socks I stitched a hood.
I sew some backpack, so when the summer will come he could put all the extra garments insides and carry them easily.
The last thing was his face - the eyes were made of two marbles in socks pockets, the mouth is just two pieces of socks that were stitched together.
He is now listed at my etsy store, a friend of him will be listed too, soon.

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saloia said...

Hope all is well neta
i love your imagination ***