Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Turning into someone else

Suddenly I noticed that this couple, whom I became familiar with at the last few days are going to change in a while, I know I am going to miss this painted look, which going to be combined with embroidery.

Besides taking care of these two, I am teaching 7-9 years old kids at a needlecraft workshop, they are so cute, and it is fun to work with them. Before I though them I though a workshop at the same place to 8 twelve years old girls they were the rudest girls I have ever meet, it was so hard to work with them, seems like they don't have any passion to create things with their hands, or any sense of creativity, well maybe some sense they did have they are yet only twelve, but it was worthless while they hadn't any patience to learn and to deal with unsuccessfulness which is essential when you learn some needlecrafts from the very beginning (some of them didn't know to thread a needle).
Does the 7-9 ones having different character or they will be the same when they grow up? (I really wish it is a character matter)
3 of the girls at the current workshop are only 7 they are the smartest the funniest, and cutest.
It is much easier to teach them, it seems that they have much faster comprehending, they are more curios and eager to learn, they don't mind when they have difficulties from time to time, and they have genius
creativity ideas,.
Oh and those 7 years old have the best humor too, they talk to their shirts, telling them instructions like "my dear shirt please don't move while I am sewing this button", playing funny games with their hats, I once asked one of them why does she throwing her hat up, and her answer was that she is playing with the air and the sky....
I am wondering whether they are going to be the same at the age of 12,
or that the awful 12 years old were the same when they were 7 ?

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saloia said...

don´t give up Neta.

be patient
they need someone to show them what passion is for something,...maybe you won´t reach all of the 12 year olds but if you reach one it is worth it!