Friday, August 10, 2007


I had an awful week, began with flu and fever, ended by stolen bicycle.

These shoes were waiting for me at Sunday afternoon there were only few stitches to be done, something that shouldn't take long more then one or two hours, it's took almost five with fever. When it was done I really couldn't do nothing but getting back to bed.
The day after I didn't even tried to get out of it, feeling half dead most of the day.Well this tiny family managed to pull me out in order to shoot their day trip at the new shoes. I couldn't refused that.
Weirder things happened afterwards.
While I was sleeping I dreamed that I am again at the the hairdressing salon (I had an haircut at real life, one week ago, it was first time after almost three years of very long hair). When my turn is coming and I am sitting in front of the mirror I think to myself that I love my hair in the way it is and don't have any need in a new haircut, after all I had new one only one week ago, I felt very embarrassed at the dream that I came back even though I didn't want any changes with my hair, and wondered if I should tell that to the hairdresser and leave or to let him cut my hair again even though I don't want to.
Well I am not much interested in the meaning of this dream. While I have a fever I have so many dreams full of stupid details and stupid scenes like this one.
The only reason I am writing about this one is that at the afternoon of the same day when I still had fever and weird feeling all over my body and mind I received SMS message from the hairdresser that my turn is at 19:00 o'clock and why am I so late ( it was almost 19:30).
Well I am not that full, it was at the same day and same hour but one week ago, I have fever but yet really satisfied with my new haircut.
Whether I did made any phone call which I can't remember because of the fever?
That was awful weird and embarrassing feeling.
Hesitated I sent an SMS clearing that it was a week ago, he answered that he is sorry he wrote my turn at a wrong date on his dairy.
The day after my fever reduced I felt great, after two days sleeping and watching stupid design and makeover TV programs all over the day. I had Lot's of energy and a lot of mess at my studio to make some makeover to it.
At the beginning it looked like that-
or that-
At the next day it was already like that-
The overlock machine was at reparation (at the same days as I was recovering from the flu) Gal helped me to bring it back home when we both (me and the overlock) were better and the room were clean and tidy.
I was so glad that morning I felt good my studio looked good and I had this machine worked as if it was new.
At noon I thought maybe I should take my bicycle upstairs, we left them locked downstairs when we brought the machine, well the bicycle were not there any more.

At least I have more space for me and my dolls.

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