Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy holidays.

Just wanted to wish happy holidays to everyone.
I am not a great fan of the holydays season neither my dolls,
I received so many wishes for happy Easter, and happy Passover, so I wanted to send something of my own too.
It’s began like that.

It wasn't happy enough without some cloth dog.

And the dog immediately call to his yellow and red friends.
Since he wanted a crochet glasses for a long time he invited the crochet actor too, and adopted his glasses.

Good holidays photo requiered a robotic cat and robotic dog.

It became too boring on the shelf so Julia just came to see what's up.

Some were almost crashed.

Mainly when boby the god-father of all of my dolls decided to join and give his blessings to everyone.

At the end it's looked like that.
Happy holiday everyone.


primdollie said...

This is the best Easter story ever!!! I too do not "celebrate" Easter as such but love your way much better than any I have seen!! your dolls are wonderful!!!! thanks for sharing them!!! Hugs Linda

saloia said...

Thank you so much Neta

Hugs and Kisses

Netamir said...