Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Christmas reminder

Although the spring holidays have just ended ,
I received this wonderful reminder from Christmas at Atlanta city only few days ago, and I can’t wait till the next December so I am posting it now .

I haven't been to Atlanta by my self it's only my yellow dog (middle bottom) who went by himself.

The all tree looks like that, and I hold the photo up to the light, since the friend of mine who sent it, marked the names of all the artists, who contribute their creations to her amazing tree, at the back side of each photo.

There is three photos of it from three different points of view.

The close ups are for the new 2006 arrivals. The first fives at this page made by Meeces2peeces, the two lovely girls are made by Jennybird, and the socks dolls at the bottom are made by Threerowscawing.

These lovely creatures are all by Curster and the (my favorites).
I feel so proud that my little yellow dog is spending with all of this wonderful creatures and dolls,
and I was already commissions for next year tree.

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Anonymous said...

wow! this is an amazing tree! and your lovely dog fits right in! i think it made me want to have a tree of my own next year. so far I decorated a tree only once in my life at my husband's parents' home, but I think now I am really motivated