Friday, January 26, 2007

Playful creature and new slippers

I yet have the vintage hairy yarn so I made new creature,
These creature are fun to crochet so I will post two other member of his family soon, I thought that I should wait and post him with the other but I couldn't wait.

The two other waiting half crocheting since I had to make this slippers.
It wasn't very complicate this time as it was at the previous times, I became more practiced so it was easier and faster, till I found out that I made stupid mistake and sew on a wrong way at one of the sides sheets.
I unpicked but it was yet remarkable so I had to unpicked all the sheet, and sew it again when the shoe was almost done.
It was nerve racking, but well here they are.
*The creature is now available at my etsy store.

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