Friday, October 13, 2006

All about the flapper

It's difficult to shoot the flapper doll. She change her look over and over again.

I became completely crazy (as I always when I had to make all of this detailed dolls) while I had to sit down to sew and crochet all of her accessories.

I made Her coat by three different kinds of yarns in order to give it it's look, as if she wear a coat with a real fox fur at it's collar. At the beginning I used yarn that I made from the black cotton cloth of her dress. It yet wasn't the look very well to me so I added hairy acrylic yarn, that make it look more fury. The coat made by mohair yarns that make it very soft.

The same I made with the large cuffs.

The hat was made by cotton fabric, and velvet ribbons. The flower is made by cotton and lurex and was made firstly as button for the coat.

Her dress made by two layer of cotton and lace,
with lurex ribbon at the collar.
The necklace is from crochet mohair that I sew into a bead form.

The shoes is made by the same cotton and velvet ribbon as the hat,
The soles and little hills are crock.
When I made them I was defiantly nuts.
The dog was made in between by mohair yarns, in order to make us smile from time to time, while designing ad sewing all of her and her stuffs.

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Anonymous said...

Neta! youre a genious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is the pretiest doll in the world!!!!!!!!! I adore you!