Thursday, May 25, 2006

This morning I sent this doll I was asked to make a doll that will be like Shulamit.
I couldn't make an identical twin of her.
Shulamit was the first cloth doll I made, and since then my techniques developed.
When I first made Shulamit, I didn't like this doll at all, and left her half done, till Neta came to visit and thought that she is too lonely at the shelf with faces that were not completely, cause I didn't know how should I make them.
At that time I thought that I would be able to make a lot of dolls like her,
every week.,
I thought to use industrial embroidery machine.
It was short while till I understood that, those dolls should be made by me by those genteel handmade crafts that sometimes make me very nervous and stress.
Otherwise they just wouldn’t be what they are (maybe like I felt when I worked at the fashion company).
The work always takes longer than I estimate (at least no one ask me why it takes so long, well beside myself).
This doll was very difficult to make since it was clearly told to me that she should be perfect.

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