Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mail from Christine

I have a mail, i have a mail from Christine.

A letter waited at the mailbox.
A letter with three postage stamps.

It's back.

"although i hardly know you-
and you live on the other side of the
world, your talents+skills have
been a huge gift to me. i wanted
to tell you thank-you. your cloth
dogs broght me comfort, laughter
and peace these past four months."

I was almost cried,
It was so so beautiful.
And I just feel the same, lucky to know people like you.

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saloia said...

how wonderful, Neta...I am sure it made your day! your dogs are so wonderful too...hugs for them.

Netamir said...

Thanks, it's definitely did,
hugs for you and for your dogs too.

julie said...

Hi Neta
Do you live on Ben Yehuda?

Netamir said...

Hi julie,
I live on Ben Atar st.
at Florentine.
Why do you asking?

julie said...

I recognise those floors - we used to live on Ben Yehuda with the same tiles!!!!!!!!!