Thursday, April 27, 2006

Can someone help me?

I was told few times that I should do something with my photos.
Shooting dolls photos during the making and afterwards sometimes is more enjoying and creative for me then everything else I do during the process of making them. I tried to choose some of my favorite photos in order to print them in a limit editions. I was very confused with that and couldn’t make any choice.
I would be glad to have your recommendations.
Meanwhile I offer at my shop photos from my photostream , printed on a magnets.


Anonymous said...

i would happy to help you pick some! and i agree with your friends, your photos are beautiful. should i just add comments on flickr? you have so many that i love, i will try not to pick too many.

Netamir said...

Thank youvery much,
That is a great idea and will be useful for me.