Sunday, March 19, 2006

Ironning the dolls garments

Today was dedicate to the tinny garments of this new couple I am making.

I am lucky to have this ironing board,
usually it is for the used for ironing shirts sleeves.
This one was belong to my grand grandmother who was a tailor
It is very useful to all of the tiny dolls clothes,
thought sometimes even this one is too big for the garments I sew.
This time I was clever then the previous time and use this handkerchief, in order to prevent rust stains.

This is the sewed dress not hemmed yet.
I try to fit some ribbon to this but I not sure yet.


saloia said...

yes you are lucky to have that ironing board...:)

saloia said...

I like the new color of your blog.

RheLynn said...

You show the process well -- your great grandmother was a tailor - have you inherited her skills with the sewing as well as the ironing board ;o)?? It seems you have.