Thursday, March 30, 2006

Crochet creaturs stories

This week the time is yet passing so quickly, while my pace is very slow. I wish it would be Sunday today and that i will have time, to do all the things I wanted. At Saturday there will be home exhibition and sell of my dolls, and of other designers. You can see the invitation here. beside that I was making new crochet creatures. There was left only with one of the band I crocheted for Sonia. they are all having fun as Sonia wrote me this morning and even send their kisses. I really like to work with this yarn, which is almost run out. I also enjoy the small sizes of them. here they are:

This was the first from this series, When he was completly croheted, I fell that something is missing so I crocheted him this sweater. He is a bit wierd guy, I think he will get along with the winter worm, but I havn't intreduced them yet, she is a bit wierd too.
This one is the seocend one, from the new band, he wanted me to take his photo with the back yard black cat.

and the third one, with the redhair cat.


Krawuggl said...

Wow, your dolls are fabulous! I came here by Whip up and I really love them, especially the tiny crochetted ones.
Have a good time,

HPNY KNITS said...

I also came from Whip up, and I love your stuff!