Thursday, January 29, 2015

Karolina Doll

I was asked to design a doll for Karolina an Israeli singer, I have done some of those portrait dolls before, but each time it is a new challenge. 
Karolina has very familiar look with her afro haircut, I spent few hours to look for some curly wool, while I gave up finding something that looks like her hair I decided to crochet it, after few experiments , I found out that the best thread for it is an ordinary embroidery thread which I crocheted with thick hook (no. 7) It was her request to sew the dress out of speckled fabric.
Design the dress pattern was an issue as well; it was quite difficult to catch her unique style in such a small size, all the doll is 20 cm. 
It was Karolina request to have cherry earrings for the doll; those were fun to make just like creating the tiny ears. It was obvious that the doll need a little tiny felt guitar as well.
Face was definitely the most complicated part, at first I just draw the lines with the magic disappearing embroidery pen, but it changed a lot during the embroidery process, , and I embroidered the facial features few times till it was satisfying, since it was such a small piece of cloth I had to unpick the all piece and actually  created three different versions of the face.It was more than two weeks of work, it is always very intense and stressful to create that portrait dolls, and it is not simple to put a person, into less than 20 cm of cloth. 
But well here she is, soon after the doll was done we went to a tour around the neighborhood.


Helmi said...

looks great!

Annie said...

Good job! You captured her essence perfectly. Love the hair.