Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Girls

It was more than one year ago that I posted about  some of my embroideries,
and it took me over a year to complete this piece. Here it is now, with some detail shots.

This is the whole piece. It started with the character in the background, which I appliquéd on muslin cloth. Afterwards I attached the second character, which was a sock doll I emptied and sewed onto the appliqué. Then came the most time-consuming part - embroidering the background.

* BTW, the Sock Doll Workshop I posted about last time was postponed to September 5 and September 12. mail me if you would like to join. You can see the details here:


Olivia said...

Neta, I love this piece. It all takes time doesn't it?

Unknown said...

this is so wonderful. thank you for sharing it.

Netamir said...

Thanks! yes it is a lot of work, but an interesting process as well. When I made first stitches I had no idea about how it is going to end up.