Wednesday, July 02, 2014


At first I would like to introduce you with my latest work, The Puppetry (afterwards I will tell everything about where, why and how it was created):
The Puppetry is an interactive installations which contain crochet dolls, on a stage (milled and cut by cnc milling machine) as well as sensors and motors.
The sensors collect data (voice and distance) from the audience and those data actually operate motors which were sewn into the doll bodies. 

This is my final project at the fab academy, If you ask  what is the fab Academy and what I have to do with it, here are some answers:
The Fab Academy  is an international course take place at 22 fablabs (a net of international fabrication laboratories which offer technologies -enabled production process  generally perceived as limited to mass production.) around the globes at the same time, and been instruct  by Prof. Neill Gershenfield director of  MIT Bit and Atom center.
The Fab Academy  deals with digital fabrication and design.
In the short term of five months we have covered vast varieties of fields-  3D design and printing, laser cutting, milling machines, electronics, basic programming, robotics and even more.
It is a lot to learn in such a short time particularly for a textile artist like me who arrived  by curiosity but without any background in any of the fields.
I don't know  to point what exactly  evoked this curiosity, I can think about some articles I read about the 3D printing technologies or the  fashion biennial -Moba which I visited last summer , in The Netherlands, where one of the rooms was dedicated to the combination of new technologies and textile.

I hoped that participating in such a program will lead me to new directions with my textile art and doll- making, it is still early for me to know which.
 It was long process which included  the learning of the basics of many new disciplines I have never even dreamed to practice by my own, it was interesting challenging, but  frustrating too.
I found it  difficult to learn and practice so much  in such a short time, I still have to practice a lot by my own in my own projects in the near future.
here are some making off photos:
 Stage Design:
Cnc Milling Machine:
 Installing all together:
 Doll crocheting:
 Inserting and sewing the motors inside the doll bodies:
Circuit Board (designed and soldered by me):
The Dog:
The all scene:
More about this process can be seen here as well, and here is my all Fab Academy assignment documentation.

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