Monday, June 13, 2011

The lady

The process of creating this lady is becoming even slower and is leading me to diverse paths that I didn't even imagine at the beginning.
Sometimes I feel like the process is close to its end, and then I find out that there is much more work to be done; sometimes it make me feel frustrated, as if this project would never end.



but don't you like "diverse paths"? it's so strange sometimes when at some point we cease to be creators and become just servants to the Piece we are working on.

Anonymous said...

she is becoming your muse..

and leading you down these paths..

you will emerge from this project changed and with a deeper understanding of your process.

I can understand about the frustrating..the stretching she is doing on you....


at some point I had to drop one project since it became so frustrating and demanding. I lost my perspective. It's 4 months later and again I am the COMMANDER :--)
good luck Neta Amir

Netamir said...

I do like the diverse paths, but there is some ambitious and curiosity that I feel at the same time to "reach the end" and see the results of my efforts, at same time I feel the same ambitious and curiosity to walk in the other paths, sometimes there is a contradiction between the two.

I feel like this project have already changed something, and the slowness is important part of the whole thing, but at the same time the source for frustrating.

Alita said...

your work its so intense and really creative , this is a really piece of art,and i watched your work from de beginning. i love it!

hugs From Chile

Netamir said...

Thank you and hugs from Tel Aviv.