Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Sock creatures real cat and mouse

 The creature family spent a wonderful time at home this morning, before they left for a short walk outside.
 They found quite a mess when they returned.
I came back from the post office at the same time, but I was completely fascinated by another scene         outside.
 Actually, I was surprised that it was still going on. A cat with this tiny tiny creature in his mouth was walking  around. After a while, he gave the critter to another cat, a bigger one, who was resting in front of the ground floor. The other cat picked up the poor mouse and walked around with it in his mouth, just as the first cat did.

I kept on following them until a woman taking care of her old father-in-law, who lives in the ground floor apartment, arrived, her hands full of pharmacy bags, and asked me what I was photographing. While I was telling her, the big cat disappeared in the back yard. When the woman heard that there was a mouse around, her smile fell away and she promised to call the health department as soon as possible.


Helmi said...

Great story and I love the picture too.
grt, Helmi

Netamir said...

Thank you so much:)