Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sculptural crochet workshop-סדנת קרושה בתלת מימד

אשמח לענו לכל שאלה כמו גם למסור פרטים נוספים לפנות אלי במייל או בטלפון
מזכירה גם את רשימת הקשר שלי בה אני מעדכנת לגבי סדנאות עתידיות, שילחו לי מייל אם אתם מעוניינים להצטרף

Finally, the invitation is done and I am very excited. It is really going to happen next month, right here in my home studio. I will conduct my first sculptural crochet workshop, which will include three sessions of 3.5 hours each, during which I will be sharing my crocheting technique for the first time.
I know most of you are not from my part of the world, but I am still glad to share the news with you.
There are some other good news: now, after I've had to think so much about how I can share my principles, I began to realize that maybe one day I will even be able to write down some kind of tutorial, as some of you ask me from time to time.
Of course, if you do live in this part of the world, I would be more than glad to see you! The first session will take place on Friday, December 17, at 9:00, and the two other sessions will take place on the two following Fridays.
You can phone or e-mail me for more details or if you'd like to join my mailing list.

* I have just noticed Ariel Hirschfeld's article from last Friday about knitting and other needlcrafts, it is more then beautiful and you can read it here in English.

רק עכשיו שמתי לב שהמאמר של אריאל הירשפלד מיום שישי הוא על סריגה ומלאכות יד אחרות  * 


Unknown said...

I love your work, your dolls look wonderfull! I tried some stitching myself but I find it frustrading because I'm not good enough.

Netamir said...

Thank you, Celine, actually I knew nothing when I had just begin to crochet, it is always trial and error process, which is yet going on for me.
If you ask for my advice I can only recommend you to keep up with what you are doing.