Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sock Pet

The new sock family became bored sitting all day long on my desk while I was busy with my own life, so they asked me if they could adopt a cat. I figured another creature wouldn't do any harm, so here it is - the new sock cat.

If you would like to learn how to create your own sock pet, you can join me on Friday, October 15, since I will be conducting a new sock pet workshop at my new home studio.
If you happen to be in this area, you are more than welcome to come!
Contact me for details or for subscribing to my mailing list to receive updates about upcoming workshops.

צרו איתי קשר לקבלת פרטים או להצטרפות לרשימת התפוצה שלי, שבה אני מודיעה על סדנאות חדשות


mimi k said...

wow- I love your cat! Wish I could be there for your workshop. Looks like so much fun :-)

Netamir said...

Thank you Mimi,
you are always welcome, it would be wonderful to meet you and spend some time creating together...