Sunday, September 12, 2010

Creatures' Association

I am glad to introduce you today to the first three members of the Creatures' Association. Those three are known as the founders.

This photo was taken during their first Association meeting, where they drafted the creatures' Manifest, which they have already misplaced; there are some rules they all agreed upon, but they can remember only a few of them.
On their monthly meeting (which they don't always remember to attend, and when they do attend, they don't remember what they should discuss), they drink a few glasses of Ouzo together, share the latest gossip of the creature sphere, and go back home after an hour or so.
All the Association members have a similar shape, but each has different colors, fabrics and features, and, of course, a totally unique personality.

This one is known as the Wise One.

This one is the Clubber, the party creature.

And this one is the Mischievous One.
* They are all listed in my Etsy doll store.

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