Monday, August 16, 2010

Some more from Italy

The view from our room in the farm where we were staying.
This view is of Osimo's Promenade; Lonely Planet could tell us nothing about this town and area, it is also rare to hear people speak English or any  other non Italian language over there.
On the last morning before we had to leave for Rome (where we took our flight back), we went to see the fields of Lorenzo and Katrina, the owners of an organic farm who hosted us at their home.
(in case you were wondering what the kids in the above photo are looking for) 

The morning before, we were busy with preparations to "Ogni Giorno Vale", in which we took part.
In this photo, Gal is the guy standing with the red shirt; I'm standing in the middle; Olympia, who is the woman behind this entire event, is standing on the right; and Gabriele, her husband, is bending down.

This is how my dolls participated in the event.  

My part was the workshop I had to conduct - even after one week of traveling through Italy I couldn't conduct the workshop in Italian by myself, so I demonstrated the work in English to a few local assistants.
This five-year-old boy was so serious…
Later on, Gaia and her sister had to finish the stitching for him. And now that I mentioned sweet Gaia (aka stormy???, who was also assisting me with the workshop), don't forget to check out her flickr. She makes awesome stuff with toys she renovates.

Eating our last lunch there on the balcony of a restaurant overlooking this view made our coming back home even more difficult. 

(Some of the event's photos are by Massimiliano Ballerini Thank you)


Helmi said...

Thanks for sharing. It looks you had a great time in Italy.
grt, Helmi

Netamir said...

Thank you, we really had wonderful time, now it is diffcult to get into home routine.