Monday, June 21, 2010

Little treasures

I have some beautiful little treasures to share today.
They were all made by my cute little students, 6-8 year old, during the last school year.
This little creature is known as a penguin, it was created by one of the sweetest, gifted and enthusiastic student I have ever taught.
One day, with a shy voice, she asked if she can show something to the class, then she took out of her bag this lovely pillow she had created during the weekend.
I asked her with whom did she make it, and she answered she did it by her own, since no one in her family knows how to stitch.
At the last month they have created sock dolls same as I had already taught dozens of times.
The girl who created this doll insisted to create a long curly hair for her doll, just the same she has.
I had no idea how can she make it and then she came up with the idea of cutting fabrics strips in zigzags that look like the curls she has.
This one is quite accessorized as you can see.
and this one has only one sock, the other one had been created till the last minute of the class.


Sandra Monat said...

so wonderful to see what the kids created. It must be great to work with children, I sometimes think about this option too

Netamir said...

Thank you Sandra, I like it, at first I considered working with kids as something I am doing only for income, but as time passed by I have found it quite interesting and fun as well.

Sandra Monat said...

maybe I give it a try some day too