Friday, May 14, 2010

Lady Chicken and Mr. Rooster

During the last week I was wrapping again, wrapping until I came up with these two:
Lady chicken,

and Mr. rooster.
Both of them were made using my new technique of wrapping recycled strips of fabric on top of each other.
I was trying to test this technique by creating more detailed creatures, incorporating the crochet and embroidery I use when creating my other creatures.
I was quite obsessed with their details, as I always am.
I made the poor rooster put his crocheted vest on and take it off at least 8 times, until I came to the decision that he is the kind of rooster that should wear a vest.
As you can see, they are quite detail-oriented too, and they don't like it when I don't clean the window rails.
Besides that, they have a lot of fun together.
*You can find Lady Chicken and Mr. Rooster at my etsy store.

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