Tuesday, May 04, 2010


One of the sock dolls I told you about last week is finally done. Creating these sock dolls always takes longer than I expected. It is such a complicated process, which includes hours of stitching and unpicking and stitching again.
It is a great relief to see it done.

Now let me introduce you to Drora.
Drora in Hebrew means the female sparrow, and is also an old-fashioned name for girls.
There are some birds on her legs.

Her bag is still empty, but together we are preparing some surprises to put inside... I forgot to mention that for a living, Drora works as a freelance toy designer.
You can also see her on my Etsy doll store .


Anonymous said...


Who does your makeup? It's very in,

very 80's.

oh - my verification word is


Unknown said...

Adorable! (Or should I say: aDRORAble?)

Martine said...

Drora is beautiful! I love her.

decorative moldings said...

That dolls is the cutest doll ever. Gorgeous work! Your works are distinctively yours.