Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bridal shoes

Time flew by, and when I finally sat down to write a post this evening, I suddenly realized a whole month passed since my last post; I was so busy with my offline life that I didn't even notice.
Things are going quite well with the workshops and everything else I do, but I feel that being occupied with a few different things at once makes me extra slow with each one of them.
If you are familiar with my work, you probably already know that speed is not really my thing.
Some of the items I was busy with were shoes and slippers that I was asked to customize.
I am very proud of this pair of bridal shoes; I have already sewn bridal shoes before, but have never been asked to embroider a personal note: the names of the bride & groom, along with their wedding date.

I didn't consider it complicated, since I have embroidered and sewn many shoes before, so combining the two seemed to be very simple. As usual, it was much more complicated what I estimated it to be.
First, it took me almost one hour to choose the right font in the right size and the right spacing, which would fit the straps, wouldn't be too big or too small, would leave enough spacing for the threads, and so on. I printed one A4 page full of various options, and there was only one that worked well. Afterwards, I had to transform it very carefully, and make some adjustments to ensure that the fonts would look as nice embroidered as they did printed.
Till that stage, everything went quite well, as I embroidered the letters and had only very tiny, almost invisible stains to remove from one of the straps. Very carefully, I used a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. I have already used this method before and it worked very well. But not this time! In one second, the nearly invisible stains became very visible, and also irreparable.
Cursing myself, everything I have ever done and everything around me, together with few hours off sewing, seemed to help.
In the afternoon, I unpicked the whole strap, and re-sewed and re-embroidered it from scratch.
Finally, it was done.


Ayala Levinger said...

Wow Neta, the bridal shoes are amazing and the embroidery! first I thought you must have a sewing machine that can sew letters ( I don't but I know that they exist) but clicking on the photo and making it bigger I saw that you actually embroidered the letters by hand and every letter is so perfect!!
very impressed. if ever I get married...

Netamir said...

Thank you so much!as you wrote no machine was involved:)

Ayala Levinger said...

Yes I know, I read about the alcohol transter you mensioned (I have no idea about it..) I think it is amazing to embroider tiny letters!

Netamir said...

I tried the alcohol few years ago when I had another crisis with embroidery and tiny stains .It work quite well then, but anyway should be done very very carefully.

Anonymous said...


I can imagine your frustration..

My heart goes to you for the perseverance.

princess.melody said...

Shalom (I learned this from my ex :)

After reading your blog, I realized so much work has involved in this embroidery. Thank you very much. I will definitely send you pictures from my photo shoot and send them to you. I really appreciate this :)


Your friend from Canada,

Netamir said...

Thank you so much, I am looking forward, so curious to see them in your wedding shots!