Monday, January 05, 2009

Socks dolls and the news

The two socks dolls were done few days ago.
Unforteuntly they happend to see, hear and read too much news over the last few days.

Earlier today the socks duck asked me to turn off TV. It couldn't bear all those war experts explaining the meanings and importance of the attacks.

For a while it was staring on its shirt, then just said that for his opinion they are all wrong.

The socks frog, who was hiding in the other room came back when it heard that the TV was off.
They have nothing to say anymore, just stammering "stupid, stupid" all the time.
These dolls were created to bring some joy to adults and kids. Now when watching the blind killings of both adults and kids Arabs and Israelis, they and me feel so useless, sad and angry.
Both of them (as I did) were so touched by the beautiful words my friend Tali wrote few days ago in her new blog, at the same time emotional and rational thoughts about un-violent way to solve conflicts. Doesn't seems to be realistic at the moment, and for that reason so important/intelligent touching educating, and hopeful.


Sharona R - שרונה ראובני said...

What a beautiful post, and the dolls are beautiful too. Thank you.

Netamir said...

Thanks Sharona, glad you like it.

mimi k said...

wonderful dolls, sad world

Anonymous said...

I don´t speak sucessfuly english to comment your dolls, but I say:

very, very beautiful!...

go to

Netamir said...

Thank you very much Mimi and renatacaracol.

Anonymous said...

Nice puncks. LOL.

Sandra Monat said...

it´s a crazy world we are living in. Makes me sad too.
Your creations bring color into the dark