Saturday, January 24, 2009


It was long time since I wrote about my cloth cups and my Lets cloth it project. As a result of doing few different things in the same time some of my ideas and projects are on hold for a while, long while.
This week I finally got some time to design the second item in this project:
My cloth coasters.
As the cloth cups, the coasters are replicas of the saucers from my grandmother's porcelain set.
It was a long process of designing much more than I estimated. I sew more the 15 different pieces changing some details in the sewing techniques or in the pattern till I got the design I liked and satisfied by.
I spent much more time than I spent on the designing of the cups.
Well I should have known it already that the things that seem to be simple to make always becoming the most complicated.
Any way here they are, also available at my etsy store.

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