Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The journey to Oz

The nestling found one of the shoes I was sewing as very nice nest.

He even didn't want to leave it when I told him that he was invited to Australia.
He was trying to sail away,

but his boat was occupied by the young birds.

They told him great stories about Oz, the sun, the beach, the kangaroo and the beautiful Australian birds.
After a short while he packed himself and asked me to hurry up to the post office.

The young birds wished to have the shoe for themselves, but I put them back to their shelf. I have to finish with this pair already!


Annie said...

The birdies deserve a show of their own. They look so cute inside.

Janette P. said...

So cute!

Netamir said...

Thanks Annie and Janet, take a look bellow Annie there are some stories featuring the birds.

Anonymous said...
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