Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer and the dolls making

Sometimes it is so difficult to wake up at mornings, it's became so hot and humid here as it is every summer, we are just longing to September.
Even going to the grocery shop, a two minutes walk becomes such a difficult task, that I think twice if it is really necessary. Unfortunately I do have to go, to tech for example, or to buy brown threads which I got run out with, then when I am back i feel that part of me was just evaporated.

Staying home is better, and now I am making this new socks doll, she will be sent to Belgium at the end of the month to participate in a group exhibition "Suddenly Last Summer" organized by Art27, a Belgian independent art cooperative.
At least my doll would spent few days in a nicer weather.


abbyglassenberg said...

I have to say that I love this doll just as she is, with a white face! The neutral colors really appeal to me.

Netamir said...

Thanks, I am really wondering how to make her face, I do want to use some colors, but yet keep something of the natural white.