Tuesday, March 18, 2008

When a doll get a heart?

Yesterday I taught my six-eight years old students how to stitch hands into the already stuffed body of the socks dolls they are creating.
When I began my explanation they immediately said that it is going to hurt the doll, I promised to do it as gentle as I can in order to not cause any pain, and asked them to do the same when stitching hands into their own dolls.
They weren't satisfied by it, so I said it is like a surgery, and she was put to sleep before, most of them agreed it would be better, but there were few who yet kept on claiming I am hurting the doll. I just wanted to finish my explanation and let them stitch by their own, so I loudly said: "I promised all of you she is not being hurt by me, if she did was it would inform us". One of the boys immediately answered that the doll have no mouth to scream, and no eyes to cry, one of the girls told him that the doll don't have any heart too so it can't feel when it hurt.
This opened a whole new conversation weather the stuffing is like blood or like heart, there was a controversy in the class about this issue, till other girl solved it by announcing that dolls get an heart only when they are been done.


Anonymous said...

Nice story ~ thank you!

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