Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I really wished I haven’t had to write this post, I feel so nervous and angry so I must share it.
This story began at this post, I sent this doll to an exhibition at the Berliner "Lilo und dicke dinger" some designer mother and child clothes boutique.
Eva Math, the owner, contacted me through Etsy, she invited me to send one of my dolls to an exhibition of dolls and puppet she was organizing.
I was glad with the invitation, she sent so many contact information, which convinced me that it is OK, we exchanged few mails and she seemed to be very nice and interesting woman, so everything seemed trust able.
I sent her one of my favorite dolls, it was before the end of October (the exhibition was going to be opened at mid November, enough time to arrive).
Till mid November I haven’t heard a word from Mrs. Eva Math, I mailed her, but no answer, I tried to look for details about the exhibition at the Internet ,but nothing . After another unanswered mail, I phoned, she told me that my doll arrived too late and she will send it back. OK I was waiting.
It was already January when I haven’t received any sign, I mailed but no answer. A week later I phoned: she was sorry and promised to send it till the beginning of February.
Last week it was already March and I haven’t received nothing yet, I phoned again, and guess what - all of her phone numbers are disconnected, and her shop site seems to be offline.

I was so angry, I can’t understand what her motivation is, why she can’t just send it back?
Most of all I am blaming myself for trusting people so blindly, for being so naive, I feel so stupid!
The only thing I can do now is hoping.
I received some surprising mails in the past relating to things I shared here, so maybe...
If you are happen to know this Mrs. Eva Math from "Lilo und dicke dinger" chodowieckistr 12 10405 in Berlin, I would be so thankful if you could tell me something that will help me to contact her
This doll very precious for me, she is one of my most unique dolls, I would never succeed to do something similar, I just want her back.


Anonymous said...

Wow..I'm angry just reading this!! I'd be furious and a few other things. Did you convo her via Etsy? If so I would contact Etsy , explain the situation and see if they have her updated info.including an email address. I would send her a bill via Paypal for that doll and explain that if you dont receive the doll or payment in 30 days you'll report to her her local police.
In sharing this story you have reminded me and others to not be so trusting without covering ourselves first. I hope you find her and that she just pays for the doll. She needs to pay you for the five months she's been "renting" your doll.

Anonymous said...

Hi Neta, just read this and can't believe it. Christine's advise is to follow i think and hope it can be solved this way.
All my best wishes and please don't loose your faite in all the nice people on the web.

Netamir said...

Thank you so much for your encouragement
I will try contact etsy though I don't think they have any other info then I have, she doesn't active there, no feedbacks at all, and her display name is the same as her shop name, which I believe doesn't exist anymore, she also had a blog which have been removed.
After all I yet believe she hadn't bad meaning (I hope so), I will be satisfied if she just send my doll back.
You are right about trusting people without covering, while working more then two years selling my stuff through the net I never confront any situation like this, so I not jump into far conclusions just be more careful next time with this kind of offers.

You are definitely one of the nicest people I have meet through bloging, your kind offer was one of my motivation to share this story, and ask help from people I don't even know.
I am not going lost my trust in people over the web, it is part of my life, which I am not willing to loose it.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Want me to travel there to kick her for you?!?!?

I hope that she is just being lazy and has not gotten the doll into the mail. Maybe she will read this and get off her butt and make things right.

I agree with the others. It is a horrible thing. I am glad that there are more good people then there are bad.

I hope that this works out in your favor.

Beate Knappe said...

I agree with the others. It is a horrible thing. If I use to to live in Berlin I would go there for You, but I do live in Düsseldorf, that is far away.
Christine's advise is to follow i think so too and hope it can be solved this way.
Please don't loose your faite in all the nice people on the web.

Netamir said...

Thank you both very much, meanwhile I found out that she have active myspace account, so I sent her a message, I also received her updated details from someone who read this post, so I will keep updating.
Your encouragement is mean a lot for me.
I definitely believe that there is more goods then bad, not even thinking about loosing my fate.

JuanitaTortilla said...

That is just horrible to hear! I feel angry (for you).

In the past, I have received rather convincing emails asking for my pieces (of jewelry) as donation to "charity". They would even include a legitimate looking website for me to visit. To me, they are just scams.
OR, a request to "work together".
I believe many sellers out there would have encountered this.

As an artist, you've got to be real careful about not falling prey to such greedy minds. If only we knew how to 'validate' the requesting party's sincerity and authenticity... (Oh, am I too cynical?)

Oh, I REALLY wish you will get that doll back. It's just so heartbreaking :(

Netamir said...

Thank you Juanita, I absolutely agree about being careful, I received many offers for consignments in the past which I always rejected.
I never received any offer for charity this is really too weird.
In this case, I made a mistake, but I yet believe that she is not a thief or something like that, I believe that she got in some troubles, and have some emotional or economical problems to send my doll back, I hope I will manage to contact her soon and find out what her problem is.