Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Walking in the rain

Yesterday all the meteorologists were talking about an upcoming storm. They promised strong wind, flood, hail, very low temperature, well beside snow on Tel-Aviv they promised almost everything. I was so scared,
I felt like Katharina is going to pay us a visit. I made all the arrangements I could think about, so I wouldn't have to go out today.
I even bought a new sweater for Gal to keep him warm at work.
I woke up this morning, wore my hottest clothes, turned on the heater and then carefully opened the shutter: It did was cloudy outside, but hardly raining and we already had much colder mornings at January.
An hour later it began to rain, here it comes I thought, turning the heater to higher degree, but it was raining for a while, a short while, and stopped. Half an hour later it began again, well now it must be it, but again it stopped after a short while.
It was going on like that all the morning, just a gentle rain lasting only few minutes each time, nothing special. Actually it was just perfect for me, there were so many things I didn't arrange before the "storm" began and had to go out for.

I took my camera with me, Tel-Aviv looks much better when it's raining.

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