Thursday, February 28, 2008

I made these shoes few months ago, it was custom made for the artist Paul tieman, who modeled them at the photos below (I already mentioned Paul few times lately, writing about the kunsttour exhibition he invited me to participate in).
He asked me to design a pair of shoes similar to my Mary Jane's, which according to him resemble some kind of renaissance male shoes, for me it was bit difficult to see the similarity, my Mary janes came out from my dolls slippers which have nothing to do with the renaissance.
It was challenging to design this pair, many images passed through our mails till we agreed about the matching design, but even more challenging was the pattern making and sewing, not only it was completely new shape of shoes, for the first time I had to customized a shoes for male.

See more of Paul's art here at his site or at his blog and more of his performance art

Check out also this blog by Martine Bos, I love her watercolors and thank you very much for featuring me so kindly.

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FairiesNest said...

These would be great shoes for renaissance festivals! Guys footwear for those, aside from boots, are hard to find.