Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Scratched fabric and my mother's 60th birthday

I found this fabric at a pile of many old fabrics in an old woman’s stand at the flea market, it caught my eyes immediately, not only by it’s beautiful design, but also by it’s scratched pattern. I assume it was considered as damaged fabric and this is why it found its way to the old lady's stand, For me it’s make the design look better and the fabric worthier. The scratched areas will appear a bit differently in each bag, so each of them will be definitely one of its kind.
The fabric was waiting for long at my fabrics piles, till last weekend, when we celebrated my mother's 60th birthday.
I promised her the first bag from this fabric a month or so before, though I will have plenty of time to sew it. As usual, two days before I even didn't had any pattern done. The result was very short sleeping at the night before.
If I only had few further hours to sleep, I probably wouldn't have forgetting my camera at home that day, and would share some photos of my family too.

Just before blogging, I found the bag featuring at the Dawanda front page.
(If you are there too, I would be thankful for being pinned, I am promise to pin you back).
The bag is listed at both my etsy store and my Dawanda store.


Anonymous said...

This bag is really great! You have a real talent at designing handbags. And I agree with you that the worn parts of the fabric are the best parts!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a fantastic find. Love the bag - it shows off the fabric to perfection.