Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Creating socks dolls and my grandmothers boxes

I am having a bit busy weeks with some orders I have to do and teaching (I began to teach needlecraft at elementary school children in September, this require a separated post, which is going to be written soon).
Meanwhile I began to collect old socks from friends and family after I have run out of mine and gal's.
Evidently most of the people around me are very tidy, or just moved to other apartments and throw away their old socks.
My mother found some at the public laundry of the Kibbutz my parents live in, it is good for beginning.
When I was little girl I was always impressed by boxes like this one, usually belonged to my grandmother and my grand grandmother.
I wasn't only impressed by the boxes and their colorful content, but also by the fact they knew how to use it.
When my grandmother passed away I inherited the famous boxes, it was 8 years ago. During these years I bought many new crafty stuff on my own and had to change the order of the boxes, sometimes I even moved stuff from box to box and added some boxes of my own. This box at the photo was a wrapping of present from my sister, I cannot remember what was the present, but the box, an old shoes box that was covered with a floral wall paper is yet useful as you can see.

Old socks, embroidery threads, and the socks being is being done.
And here is the new socks couple I am making at the moment.
Oh, and if you click here you can see my grandmothers original boxes.

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