Saturday, September 29, 2007

Back from the cats island

When I was six years old I received a book called "To the cats island that in Greece"
I was fascinated by the stories about these peaceful places. As far as I can remember there is nothing really happening in this book: the cats are enjoying the sun, the sea is beautiful, the little boats are anchoring at little ports, if they feel like they would sail to another island. Sometimes a bigger boat would appear, and if it's evening the sun would sunrise.
It was illustrated with beautiful and gentle watercolors, and became one of my favorites books.
For my 30th birthday (that was last June) Gal gave me the best present I have ever got. It took three and a half months and it was worth waiting for.
Yesterday we just came back after 8 days in Greece.
We were staying two days at Athens and all the rest at the cats Island that called Sifnos.
It was just the same as the watercolors at the book were look like but in a real version.

And us after few too sunny days.


Anonymous said...

lovely story
Cats really know how to enjoy life and all about rest at the sun and enjoying being lazy. For shore a great inspirations for vacations. :)

saloia said...

so good to see YOU!
and the color in your pictures are so must be so lovely there (and all those cats!)


Netamir said...

Thanks Maria and Mary, it was the best vacation I have ever had, just looking forward next time.