Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cloth punk couple

These are the new dolls I was making at the last few weeks.
I have already posted some photos of them but here they are the all story.

If you were wondering here is all the details about their styling:
She wear jeans skirt, jersey T with Merilyn print and handmade embroidery, sleeves are designed with many cuts.
Her jacket and boots are black leather, bag is made by crocheted old shirts bands. tights are black lace.
She have some piercing on her face, nipple and bellybutton.
He wear pair of jeans with patches and cuts, jersey T shirt with embroidery over it's cut. his jumper made by crocheted bands of old shirts. He have little leather men wallet at his pocket that hang on a chain that joined to his pants by key holder. he wear pair of black sneakers with off white stripes (Adidas style) He have some piercings on his face and on his right nipple. His hair is black with spots of red and turquoise.
They are 30"/85cm
Their faces made by mixed media of painting and embroidery, All of their garments and accessories made by recycled clothes.


Unknown said...

These are awesome! Wow!

saloia said...

(those hands)

Anonymous said...

The shots of them taking their clothes off, with their arms up in the air, are really wonderful! They look like real people.

Netamir said...

Thanks Rosa Mary and Abby Jane,
I am so excited to receive such a great compliments from such a great artists like you.

michal said...

amazing! your dolls are incredible! All the detail, wow! wonderful!