Wednesday, June 06, 2007

From back to front, crochet secrets

Well she is already done, and I am beginning to show her from back to front.

There is two birds tattoos on her back.

This penguin is holding her shawl.

Making her jewelries was really craziness this time, since it's all made by thin embroidery cotton threads,
I though it's could be nice to have similar for myself but I am not sure I would have the patience.

I documented the process of making her and I know she was interesting when she was half done.
I quite love her this way too, but I was wondering maybe she was more interesting with less details like the way she was at the last posts, like someone who is always looking for his own parts and his own character….
Well maybe I will try this next time when I will be crocheting.

Meanwhile she is listed at my etsy store.
Besides that I have new deviantART account, from now own I will upload few photos every week that would be available at print versions.
You are very welcome to visit, and would be glad to meet some new deviantART friends.


lookwhaticando said...

Oh...this is amazing. I really, really love your work. xox

Simona Thei said...

Ohhh fantastik-MINIMAL-Genial sTYLE!LOVE

Melissa Sue said...

this is so beautiful - i think her face is gorgeous. fantastic work.

Anonymous said...

neta she's beautifull, amazing work. keren

Netamir said...

Thank you all so much, I am really glad to know that you love her, I had some fear that she wouldn't be loved, and it's make me feel great to know that she do.

Beth Doherty said...

She is very strange. I really like her.